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Beacon Hill on Cedar Creek Lake
Sky Guys serves the entire Cedar Creek Lake area.
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Interior Real Estate Photography Cedar Creek Lake
Jetty Boardwalk at Beacon Hill on Cedar Creek Lake
Sunset at Cedar Creek Lake by Sky Guys Cedar Creek Lake
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Photography / Videography


Sky Guys is a licensed Drone Operator that specializes in real estate photography and videography. As a drone service, Sky Guys is equipped for most all aerial and media projects. 

Cedar Creek Lake - Athens - Canton - Kaufman - Forney - Corsicana - Rockwall - Ennis - Mineola - Lindale






*Commercial and Real Estate Photography

*Mapping & Modeling

 *Construction Site Imaging



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Aerial videography is a great way to showcase larger homes and provides a perspective that displays the entire property, including yards, land and acreage. This service involves video that moves around the home, offering details on architecture and landscape. Pair with a script to narrate the drone tour to engage potential buyers and call attention to special features. Any opportunity you have to further educate the buyer to the property they're purchasing is a win.



Fully equipped to handle most media projects, Sky Guys can produce audio and video content that can be used for your commercial, online or personal needs. Like Promotional Events, the elements of showing a Sky Guys vantage point not only adds depth to the production but it also gives your audience an elevated perspective.


For many landscape and community developers, aerial mapping and topographic mapping services allow stakeholders to receive high-definition topographic maps delivered in a timely fashion (AutoCAD, etc.), along with updated Google Earth layers, and orthomosaic maps. Our customers enjoy real-time, high-definition, actionable data, eliminating the need to wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results or rely on outdated public maps.


Sky Guys offer a complete drone video and photo flyover package for your special or promotional events. Whether you are hosting a conference, a family reunion, an outdoor wedding, or an anniversary party, aerial views offer an exciting and memorable keepsake. Incorporate music, special effects and narration to enhance your memories and make the event even more special.







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