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Sky Guys' owner, Zachary Slack, grew up in an era where science and technology reached groundbreaking strides. This passion as a young child went from 8-bit gaming consoles and compact audio systems to a new passion - Drones.

While photography was what initiated this interest in drones, Zack has always been fascinated by flight technology. Having the beautiful scenic property of the luxury lakefront community of Beacon Hill in Kemp, TX. as his playground, Zack toyed with this childhood interest of flying.

This past-time became known to local businesses in the area, such as CriXus Turf Solutions, project managers, homeowners and real estate agents in the Cedar Creek Lake area. Zack's part time hobby of aerial videography has since become known as Sky Guys of Cedar Creek Lake.

In his pursuit to combine his interest into a business, Zack enjoys sharing Sky Guys with friends who also have an interest in aerial photography and drones in general. You may meet these close friends on various event sites that Sky Guys is invited to cover.

Sky Guys serves the Cedar Creek Lake area (and surrounding towns) in Henderson County, Texas. We are just 40 minutes from being your Dallas Drone Service!

Cedar Creek Lake Real Estate Photography, Aerial Mapping and Videography
Cedar Creek Lake, Sky Guys Aerial Photography/Videography
Sky Guys of Cedar Creek Lake in Gun Barrel City, Texas: Owner Zachary Slack.
Cedar Creek Lake Photography, Real Estate, Mapping, Drone, Aerial Photography, Videography.

Cedar Creek Lake in Henderson County, TX.

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