Drone Services Near Dallas in Cedar Creek Lake Texas: Photography/Videography. Mapping, 3D Modeling, Real Estate and Construction Photography

Empower your business, organization, or project with stunning drone aerial imagery. We offer flexibility to adapt our services for most projects and provide a simple solution for getting quality results.

Turn your project, product, or property into a compelling visual story in three easy steps:

1. Tell us about your project by either emailing us or, fill out the form on our Contact page.

2. After confirming the project details, Sky Guys will arrive on site to your specified location.

3. We will share your final product, drone photos and videos with you and make them available to download within a reasonable time frame.


Sky Guys on Cedar Creek Lake Drone Photography
Sky Guys on Cedar Creek Lake Drone Photography
Sky Guys on Cedar Creek Lake Drone Photography
Sky Guys on Cedar Creek Lake Drone Photography
Sky Guys on Cedar Creek Lake Drone Photography
Cedar Creek Lake Real Estate Photographer
Watefront Real Estate Photography Cedar Creek Lake
Cedar Creek Lake Real Estate Sky Guys Cedar Creek Lake

Stop buyers in their tracks with Twilight Photos. Taken during "Golden Hour", twilight photos are used to showcase landcape/property lighting, pool lighting and features like fire pits, and also to showcase a beautiful sunset.

Our clients like this service because it makes their listing photos stand out from the regular exterior shot.


Construction site photography is great for documenting preexisting conditions. Progress photographs are the most significant part of construction documentation and act as your visual "insurance policy".

Services include:

  • 360 Virtual Tours
  • Aerial
  • Progress  photography
  • PR and press photo call
  • Time lapse


Drone Services Near Dallas 3D Modeling Mapping

The construction industry also greatly benefits from drone mapping. Maps can be used to regularly update clients in the construction industry on the progress of their projects, analyze stockpiles of raw materials such as dirt and gravel, or even generate 3D models of construction sites. These maps help construction managers obtain the “big picture” and assist in strategic decision making.


Cedar Creek Lake Photography, Real Estate, Mapping, Drone, Aerial Photography, Videography.

Cedar Creek Lake in Henderson County, TX.


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